PBMC Isolation Service

Processing and Extraction of PBMCs​

Our team of experts can handle your whole blood specimens, generating peripheral blood mononuclear cells renowned for their superior viability and purity. We excel in producing high-quality PBMCs through the employment of density gradient centrifugation.​

Precise Controlled Freezing and Storage of PBMCs

Upholding the integrity of the cold chain stands as a pivotal element in preserving the quality of PBMCs. Thus, the processing of your sample is meticulously temperature-controlled by our scientific professionals throughout the procedure.​

Oxford StemTech can generate high quality PBMCs within 48 hours of blood withdrawal, hence providing you unique flexibility that was not possible before!​

To discuss your PBMC isolation needs and request a quote, ​ please contact our team at ​enquiries@oxfordstemtech.com. ​