IPSC Repository

Revolutionize Your Research:​ Explore Our Comprehensive iPSC Repository​.

Our iPSC repository provides researchers with a diverse range of iPSCs for disease modelling, drug discovery and safety testing to drive ground-breaking discoveries. Join us  today and gain unparalleled access to this powerful resource.

Access our Disease-specific iPSC lines​


Explore a unique resource for investigating the underlying mechanisms of autism spectrum disorders and developing innovative therapies.

Bipolar Disorder​

These patient-specific cells offer a unique opportunity to delve into the complexities of bipolar disorder, unravel its mechanisms, and develop innovative interventions.


Harness the power of patient-specific cells to advance diabetes research, from unravelling disease pathways to pioneering new treatments.


Unlock new insights into migraine with iPSCs sourced from migraine patients. Dive into cutting-edge research to unravel the genetic and cellular factors underlying this debilitating condition, paving the way for innovative migraine treatments.

Pain channelopathies

Delve into the realm of pain channelopathies with iPSCs as your research catalyst. Our unique resource allows investigation of the intricate molecular mechanisms of pain disorders, promising advancements in pain management and relief.

Monogenic and sporadic ​Alzheimer's Disease ​

iPSCs derived from both monogenic and sporadic cases. This invaluable resource empowers researchers to delve deeper into the genetic and cellular underpinnings of Alzheimer's Disease.

Monogenic​ and sporadic ​Parkinson's Disease ​

iPSCs derived from both monogenic and sporadic cases. Our unique collection provides a crucial platform to unravel the intricate genetic and cellular components of Parkinson's, accelerating advancements in therapeutic strategies and potential cures.