Stem Cell Reprogramming
at Scale

At StemTech, we offer an innovative approach to produce induced pluripotent stem cells for your research.

Effective and efficient reprogramming fast.

High quality reprogramming

We use mRNA, episomal or Sendai virus based non-integrating reprogramming to produce fully reprogrammed, stable induced pluripotent stem cell clones.

We can reprogram from human blood or skin samples.

Stem Cell Reprogramming
Fast turn-around

Our methods means we can achieve effective and efficient reprogramming fast. The resulting iPSC clones are then expanded if required for shipment of stable, quality checked cells.

Unprecedented scale

We can undertake fast reprogramming, using a proprietary approach, on hundreds of donor samples simultaneously so we can get you large panels of high quality iPSC lines in a few months rather than several years

Stem Cell Reprogramming
Neurological disease models

We are experts in developing in vitro disease models from iPSC. Speak to us about how to develop a disease model to suit your research needs.

Stem Cell Reprogramming
Deep iPSC profiling

We can perform quality control assessments to suit your needs from karyotyping to assay for differentiation potential.

Stem Cell Reprogramming