What type of adult somatic cells do you reprogram into iPS cells?

We prefer to use easily accessible peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) obtained from a blood sample for iPSC reprogramming. We will send you the step by step protocol.

We can also reprogram from other starting cell types such as skin fibroblasts. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further.

What method do you use to reprogram into iPS cells?

We have developed a proprietary and novel method that allows rapid, large scale, low-cost reprogramming and can work with any of the current non-integrating methods of reprogramming (e.g. viral, mRNA, episomal). Our quality control checks ensure that you get the highest quality iPSC lines for your research.

How long would it take to deliver iPSC lines?

We are able to generate stable, reprogrammed iPSC in 2 months. Quality control and validation will take another 2-3 weeks, after which they will be shipped to you.

I have 100 donor samples to be reprogrammed. How long will that take?

Our unique method allow us to complete reprogramming of hundreds of samples in 3-4 months whilst maintaining the high quality of iPSC lines generated. We have capacity to undertake reprogramming quickly and at scale. Whether it is 100 samples or 1000 samples, compared to other methods which can take years, we can get these reprogrammed within a few months.

What quality control tests do you perform?

We routinely assess pluripotent markers expression by flow cytometry, karyotypic abnormalities, post-thaw viability and growth and mycoplasma testing.

We can perform additional quality control testing as required.

How many clones per donor will be delivered?

Multiple emerging iPSC colonies are pooled together to derive a polyclonal iPSC line. This enable faster recovery and expansion as compared to traditional colony-picking to derive multiple putative iPSC clones. Individual clones can be subsequently recovered in your lab if desired.

We can also offer production of individual monoclonal iPSC lines. Please contact us to discuss.

How much does it cost per patient?

We are considerably cheaper than other approaches, with further cost reductions when performing reprogramming at large scale.

Contact us to find out more.