We offer a high quality stem cell reprogramming service.

StemTech is transforming the ability to produce stem cells for research. When an adult cell is turned back into a stem cell, this process is called reprogramming. Since all cells in the body can arise from stem cells, this opens up a wide range of biomedical research and regenerative medicine application. At StemTech we would like to support your goals to better understand disease, discover novel drug targets and get medicines that work into clinic.

About Us

Reprogramming is a difficult, complex process which is expensive to perform and is labour-intensive. StemTech was founded by Oxford University Researchers, who are a world leading research group  in stem cell based disease models and drug discovery, to tackle these bottlenecks. StemTech has developed a new method that drastically reduces the cost and hugely increases the scale of reprogramming. Importantly our method produces the highest quality stem cell lines for research. This means that StemTech can undertake big reprogramming projects for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of time of any of its competitors. This opens new and exciting opportunities for using stem cells in drug discovery. 

Our mission is to create the best human cell research tools to enable better understanding of human disease and to allow the development of precision medicines. 

Our values are quality, excellence, innovation, reliability and value

StemTech Innovation

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) are widely used in drug discovery and regenerative medicine. But their full potential is not being realised because current methods of stem cell reprogramming is a major bottleneck: Reprogramming is labour-intensive, low-throughput and costly. This means research studies are often limited to using a handful of donor iPSC lines. Even with substantial funding, producing hundreds of iPSC lines can take years.

StemTech has developed a novel method to undertake reprogramming at unprecedented scale and speed:

  • We can reprogram 100s of donor iPSC lines in a just few months.
  • The iPSCs we generate are of the highest quality
  • The cost per donor reprogramming at scale is substantially reduced

We achieve this by a proprietary chemical formulation combined with non-integrating delivery of reprogramming transcription factors, that allows efficient and massively parallel reprogramming.

Producing iPSCs at scale and fast, means medical research and drug discovery can be conducted on large cohorts of patients. This will provide new insights into disease mechanisms and allow the development of precision medicines.